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Founded in 1858 as the first mixed choir in Vienna and intended to serve as a “Singübungsanstalt” (an institution to facilitate the training of singing), the Wiener Singakademie became affiliated with the Vienna Konzerthaus when the latter was established in 1913. Upcoming concert | Sing with us

Our next concert

Johann Sebastian Bach: «Johannespassion»

Sat, 4 March 2017 (7:30 pm) | Wiener Konzerthaus, Großer Saal
Sun, 5 March 2017 (3:30 pm) | Wiener Konzerthaus, Großer Saal

Wiener Symphoniker | orchestra
Wiener Singakademie | choir
Werner Güra | Evangelist (tenor)
Adrian Eröd | Jesus Christus (baritone)
Genia Kühmeier | soprano
Elisabeth Kulmann | alto
Daniel Behle | arias (tenor)
Florian Boesch | arias, Petrus, Pilatus (bassbaritone)
Philippe Jordan | conductor

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Sing with us

The Wiener Singakademie continually accepts new choir singers. If you would be interested in joining,

please contact us

Credit:  © Marco Borggreve

You guys were amazing!

Robin Ticciati
Credit: © Marco Borggreve
Credit: © Felix Broede

To the great and wonderful Wiener Singakademie with my heartfelt congratulation for much wonderful concerts this new year.

Kent Nagano
Credit: © Felix Broede
Credit:  © Stefano Bottesi

You are so beautiful! Vielen Dank!

John Axelrod
Credit: © Stefano Bottesi